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Our Company in brief

A one-stop solution Company

PTS Technologies Pte Ltd (“PTS Technologies”) was established in 1994 with the goal of bringing excellent manufacturing services and quality products to our global customers.

PTS Technologies has office and partners strategically located in different countries across all continents, demonstrating our global presence.

Since its inception, PTS Technologies’ primary focus has been to offer a spectrum of quality manufacturing services and products, ranging from OEM, ODM, Re-engineering, Research & Development to PTS Designed RFID & Sensor devices for Iot solutions, which meet the needs of our technologically advanced worldwide clientel

Get to Know Us

  • Year Established: 1994

  • No. of employees: 28 (HQ), 220 (Factories)

  • Manufacturing sites: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

  • Head Office: Singapore

  • Overseas Sales Offices: Thailand, UK, Europe, USA, NZ, Australia, Brazil


 International Sales Offices


In addition to our manufacturing locations in Singapore, Malaysia and Batam, we also have International Sales Offices in Thailand, Europe, UK, USA, NZ, Australia, Brazil













·PTS Technologies Pte Ltd (HQ)

·PTS Technologies (Thailand) Co. Ltd

·Asia Pacific (ANZ)

·TAGTEK Limited


North Asia

·PTS Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd



·PTS Technologies (UK) Ltd


North America

·ILAB America Inc.

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