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A Partner for your Total Solutions

Established in 1993, PTS Technologies provides a complete integration of design, engineering, manufacturing and logistical advancement to deliver TOTAL SOLUTIONS to our partners worldwide

Products & Services

PTS Technologies provides One-Step Services that ranges  from Designing To Production, Billing Of Materials, PCB Customization, PCB Fabrication

PTS Technologies also specializes in providing solutions for RFID Inventory Management Systems, RFID Asset Management and RFID Animal tracking 

program management, which facilitates new projects start up and transfer from customer’s overseas locality.

Fast turn-around for all PCB projects and assembly products.

Active RFID- Sensor Technology in livestock and crops farming utilizing PTS Designed Sensors, Base Stations and Communication Hub.

 technology that provides traceability solutions for our clients, enabling the use of low, medium, high and ultra-high frequencies.


PTS Technologies Partners
PTS Technologies Partners
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