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RFID or EID (Electronic Identification) has proven to be the most effective technology for livestock tracking and traceability in disease control and breeding management. It is currently used on cattle, sheep, goat and swine within the farming community.

Low frequency (LF) RFID, with an operating frequency of 125-134.2 kHz, has been adopted internationally for animal identification applications following many years of development, exhaustive testing and practical field evaluation.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the Australian/New Zealand standards for the electronic identification of animals are based on LF 134.2 kHz RFID technology (ISO11784, ISO 11785, ISO 24631, AS5018/5019). These are widely accepted standards by ICAR, DEFRA, MLA, and NAIT which require stringent regulatory approval for all transponders that operate in their
respective countries.

Animal Tracking Equipment

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