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Image by Daiga Ellaby

Livestock Tracking

PTS Technologies is one of the leading providers RFID solutions for livestock & cattle identification. Accredited with ISO 9001:2008 (Manufacturing, Design Systems) and ISO 13495 (Medical Device Manufacturing) by British Standards Institution (BSI).


PTS Technologies has over 15 years of experiences in researching and developing animal RFID tracking solutions. Our research and manufacturing team is constantly working with the livestock industry players as well as the Regulatory agencies to develop safe and health compliant innovative RFID products.

PTS Technologies also holds patents to single piece locking RFID Tag with a 1.9cm diameter and dual tag(VID & RFID) with flexible interlocking application. Millions of PTS ‘s RFID products were manufactured and distributed in United Kingdoms (UK), Europe, New Zealand, Australia and United States.

Animal Tracking Equipment

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