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Many organizations have inventory and to track and manage the inventory manually is time and labour consuming.  It is also prone to errors because humans make mistakes. PTS Technologies tried and tested Asset Tracking system , which we have relentlessly enhanced  to be better, faster and cheaper over the last 20 years, Can solve your Inventory Management Troubles.

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Asset Tracking, Milan-Malpensa Airport

The project entails tracking of assets, namely all doors and fire extinguisher in the Airport  via our NFC solution, using PTS NFC Tags (Square and Rectangular). The tags are IP68 rated. The applications enable the Technicians to track and check all doors and fire extinguisher at the airport via an Apps using a NFC enable mobile phone. 


Jewelry Chain Tagging,Singapore

PTS Technology provided a jewelry chain with an Jewelry tagging solution that allowed them to reduce theft and also provided them a convenient way to track their products and stocks.

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