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About Us

Our Story

A Leading Technology Company

We provide a complete platform to our clients, from project inception to integration, right up to the finished product.

Established since 1993, we have extensive experiences in providing the below five core business variables which are the fundamentals of our business solutions. Our experienced cast of managers, engineering professional and technicians are competent and instrumental in implementing and executing desired outcomes required by our clients. All these, along with our global network, innovative work approaches and dedication to our clients ensures that our clients enjoy arguably the best professional service in our industry today.

1. Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA) / Box Built Manufacturing
2. ODM Turnkey Solution
3. OEM Turnkey Solution
4. Re-Engineering, Design and Development
5. RFID Solutions
6. Sensors/IoT Solutions

Our Goal

To support complete solutions to satisfy customer's requirements.

  • with uncompromising quality standards

  • and through competence with training and excellent customer service

Our Mission

To Provide a platform for customers to compete in the global markets via a complete integration of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistical Advancement to deliver Total Solutions

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