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Image by Louis Reed

Original Equipment Manufacturing

PTS Technologies provides OEM Build-to-Print production services for all types of electronic board assemblies and box up devices. We are organized to take over full turnkey manufacturing covering the entire process of procurement, fabrication, assembly, in-circuit and functional testing, drop shipment ,after sales support

Our business model caters especially to Small and Medium built industry players, who will find that our advance manufacturing solutions satisfy and surpass their expectations.

Our modernized factory performs the following advanced electronic manufacturing services.

  1. Extra Large Boards SMT and MI mounting: 25" x 25"

  2. Mixed and double sided assembly

  3. Cell based MI operation

  4. Prototype and medium batch production

  5. Enclosures and Box up assembly

  6. Customized Testing (Functional and ICT)

  7. Lead Free Manufacturing

  8. Nitrogen fitted IR Reflow


The ultimate goal derived from our OEM solutions is to provide a flexible and consistent process, while matching the expectations and deliverable requirements of our clients 

Our Assembly in action.

Our SMT Assembly Machines ensures that  all your electronic components are directly applied  onto the surface of a printed circuit board without any issues.

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