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NFC Applications

NFC or near field communication, is a set of standards for smart phone or similar devices to share information such as a web address via close proximity. NFC early uses include sharing link such as web pages, social media, contacts and information like photo and files. Other areas NFC can be use for are like electronic contact less payment, door access, security authentication like logging on computer, as many others. PTS Technologies can customised and manufactured NFC solutions to cater for you needs.

Applications to program your NFC Device

  • NFC Taginfo

  • NFC Task Launcher

  • NFC Classic Tag Reader Writer

Actions that you can perform using NFC

  • Make a call

  • Send a Text Message

  • Show an address

  • Open a web page

  • Share a contact

  • Launch an application

  • Smart Poster

  • Couponing

  • Payment

  • Access Control

PTS Technologies RFID anti-metal tag, also known as metal tag, anti metal label, metal adhesive label and made of special rubber magnetic sticky film and electronic tag.

Normal NFC tags will not work on surface that is made of metal will due to it’s the magnetic properties and magnetic interference.

This type of tag solves the issue  of being unable to read the RFID attached to a metal surface.

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